Olorun Cobra Exofit Men's Rugby Shirt

Olorun Cobra Exofit Men's Rugby Shirt


There are more colours available for sublimated garments. Contact our sales team on 01267 233 737 to arrange a visual.

About the Exofit Range:

Silence your opponents and bring the power and agility of the king of snakes into your game with Olorun's snake-like Cobra Exofit Men's Rugby Shirt.

The second skin-like fit of the figure hugging Exofit shirt will see you slither through tackles, and the jersey's compression shirt feel will keep your core strong and give you the power to fly into contact for the full 80 minutes..

The crew neckline of the Cobra Exofit jersey gives the shirt strength, so you won't need to worry about mid-ruck rips anymore.

Comfort won't be an issue either. Our very own Exo-Dry fabric technology will keep you cool and bone-dry for the whole game.

With the Exofit Cobra jersey you can focus on the rugby.

You can customise your shirt by selecting your team colours. Then if you wish to you can add logos, names and numbers. Each shirt is custom made, so unfortunately the minimum order size that we can offer is 6 items. These can, however, be in any combination of sizes - for more information refer to the size chart.

Unfortunately due to the fact this product is custom made, we cannot accept any returns.

Turnaround. Here's how it works.

Every product has a different turnaround time.

1. You place your order with us on the website.

2. If it is a bespoke item we send you a design sheet and an order details sheet. You confirm that the design sheet is correct - right colours; badges, logos positioned correctly. You email us to tell us it's good to go.

3. We start making your order. The turnaround time is measured from this point.

4. You keep us posted for any problems at your end. We do the same.

5. You receive your order, either all at once, or in parcels if you're ordered things with different turnarounds. Hoodies take a bit longer than other things (more panels to sew together).

Olorun KitDesigner will make every effort to ensure that the goods you ordered are exactly as you want them and are delivered to you within the specified delivery time. However there may be occasions where, for reasons beyond our control, we are unable to meet the agreed delivery date. In this case we will contact you as soon as we are made aware of any delays that would affect the timing of your order. In the unlikely event that the goods supplied are faulty, in any way, and then please return all the garments to us. We will offer you a full refund or replacements. You have 30 days in which to notify us of any defects in the products supplied.

If you wish to contact us, you can email us at  info@olorun-sports.com or call us on 01267 233 737.

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