What is Taslan?

What is Taslan?

  • Russ Clarke-Wildeman

Taslan is a modern, high-tech, woven polyester fabric. It is a strong, durable fabric, ideal for gear you may want to train in every day of the week. It’s also very quick drying and able to wick moisture away from the body quickly and efficiently, so you don’t get all sweaty. And because it dries so quickly (it doesn’t hold the water like cotton), you’re not left standing in cold, clammy clothes when you stop training.

The base polyester is coated with Nuva, a substance with similar properties to Teflon®, which makes the fabric showerproof. You could pour a glass of water over our Taslan and it would form beads and run off. It is also stain-resistant – the water-repellent Nuva coating also repels oil and other stain-causing substances. Nuva also has a component which releases stains into the water during washing.

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First published: 07/15

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