What is a ’shell fabric’?

What is a ’shell fabric’?

  • Russ Clarke-Wildeman

This is a term particularly used of outdoor clothing – trekking, mountaineering, etc. A shell fabric is the outer layer of warm clothing, often the outer layer of an insulated jacket, or it can be a single-layer outer jacket or shirt. Our training kit windshirts, jackets and trousers are all outer shell items made from shell fabrics, in this case, Taslan. They are very adaptable garments and can be used not just for cold weather training and travel, but for other outdoor pursuits.

We think that the ideal shell fabric:

  • Keeps out water, to help keep the inner layers dry and minimise heat loss from conductance.
  • Is breathable, to prevent sweat from building up and making the inner layers damp (as well as feeling unpleasant to play in).
  • Is windproof, to minimise wind chill. Air is an excellent insulator but you need a windproof layer to keep the warmed pockets of air in place.

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This post was first published 07/15.
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