• Debbie Kosy

Microfibres are incredibly fine fibres with filaments thinner than one denier. They are created by drawing out the fibres much further than the normal five times their length.

Microfibre fabrics are incredibly soft and hold their shape well. They are very popular for sportswear as they have excellent wicking properties. This is because the incredibly thin fibres have a very high surface area for their weight and so are very efficient at drawing moisture along their length by capillarity.

Many microfibre garments are knitted, but they can also be woven, especially in outerwear. Because they are so fine, the fibres can be woven extremely tightly to form a dense, windproof weave, which is also very light. Microfibre can also be used to make extremely warm fleeces with a very soft ‘handle’.

Our Microfibre products are:


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