• Debbie Kosy

Made-to-order – e.g. hand made by a tailor to your exact measurements, or, in this case, specially made to the exact colour combinations you want, so you can specify the colour of every single panel in the shirt.

Colour combinations available, e.g. if a shirt is available in red with white stripes, or black with blue stripes, that’s two colourways.

A measure of the thickness and weight of a fibre. Whatever 9000m of the fibre weighs, in grams, is its denier. So 9000m of one denier fibre weighs 1 gram.

is a high-tech knitted fabric that provides insulation while staying light. Fleeces dry quickly and are breathable.

is a term used in the textile industry to describe the way a fabric feels. For example, a ’soft handle’ means the fabric feels very soft to the touch. The handle comes from a combination of the properties of the yarn and sometimes special finishing processes used after the fabric has been knitted or woven.

Zigzag stitching along the edges of fabric to prevent fraying and bind the edges of the fabric together. Because of the zigzag shape of the stitches, the overlocking will hold however much the seam stretches, but if unprotected the seam itself will break.

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